Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Itsa Moooooooooose

Now, I normally am not a fan of mooses. Brad asked for a moose or a bear for his copper thing, and I said "NO moose!". He got a bear. Then Adam said he wanted a moose or elephant. ...damn mooses are evil, but I'd prefer them to an elephant.

Damn lacquer killed the colors on this one. I know, it's supposed to be LIVING copper, but part of me hates to see the colors fade and go away. And I'm sure the people who get the pieces wouldn't like that either. So, I lacquer. I need to perhaps experiment with more types of lacquer. The kind I'm using now kills all the pinks and blues and purples. *sigh*

Anyway, I'm learning. The trees were cut the wrong lengths so are in the wrong places. I need to redo my pattern pieces for this one, I think.

Up next, a heron and a walleye. But first, vacation! Woohoo!

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