Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Itsa Moooooooooose

Now, I normally am not a fan of mooses. Brad asked for a moose or a bear for his copper thing, and I said "NO moose!". He got a bear. Then Adam said he wanted a moose or elephant. ...damn mooses are evil, but I'd prefer them to an elephant.

Damn lacquer killed the colors on this one. I know, it's supposed to be LIVING copper, but part of me hates to see the colors fade and go away. And I'm sure the people who get the pieces wouldn't like that either. So, I lacquer. I need to perhaps experiment with more types of lacquer. The kind I'm using now kills all the pinks and blues and purples. *sigh*

Anyway, I'm learning. The trees were cut the wrong lengths so are in the wrong places. I need to redo my pattern pieces for this one, I think.

Up next, a heron and a walleye. But first, vacation! Woohoo!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


I finally made something that I think, with practice, may be sellable. Oh hell yes! (Yes, I know I need a LOT of practice. The trees are crooked. And I didn't scrub the metal hard enough; the bear looks like it's barfing because of some impurity on the tree. In fact, it looks like it's super-bear-barf knocking over the tree. Given the person that this is a gift for, that may be acceptable.)

A friend of a friend was kind enough to give me some copper gaskets, and they make a wonderful base to plan window hangy things from. I've already drawn up five patterns, and I've got quite a few more in mind. This first one, a bear based of this picture I took, was made as a thank-you gift for a friend. It was mostly a practice piece, learning the right order to do things (glue comes before lacquer!) and how things worked together. I may try soldering the next one. Copper glue works ok, but I really hate glue.

Over the last month, I've been trying hard to find studio space, with no luck. My art is small, yes, but there would be a few reasons it would help to have a studio. First, I wouldn't be pissing my neighbors off with copper grindy noises. Second, I could use an oxyacetylene torch, or rent one, and that would greatly speed up what I'm able to do. And it'd be nice to maybe meet other people who share at least similar hobbies.

So, I emailed a local organization for help a few weeks ago, but never got an answer. So, I made a post on a local forum, looking for help. You can read the post here, if you want (I am HappyHippo).

Now, I thought I phrased it rather well. And I was happy a few people chimed in to help. Especially surprising is the 5th comment, from "Samantha", leaving a phone number. So, I called it.

Turns out, she's the head of the Art Institute. And she did not leave her number there to help me. Oh no. She left her number there so I'd call, and she could berate me for speaking badly about the DAI, for not trying hard enough to contact them, and for not trying to make any connections in the community. I tried to interrupt her to apologize twice, then once to say I didn't call to get yelled at, and a final time to say "Sorry, I don't think you can help me" and hung up.

I spent several hours feeling very upset, before I decided she was just an asshole and I should get over it. I also restrained myself from replying to the last comment on my post; it was posted within 15 minutes of me getting off the phone. I don't know if it was the same person trying to do more "damage control" or what. I very much wanted to defend myself (I used the form on your website to contact you - it's not MY fault it goes to a box no one checks! I'm sorry I'm shy and don't know any local artists and I'm bothering you! Yes, I'm sure my comments have forever tarnished the DAI!) But, I did not post. I made a grumpy post on Facebook, and Ari offered to beat someone up for me. That also made me feel a little better.

But, I still have had ZERO luck finding a studio space.

Until I get a call from the landlord, though, I'll keep working on my new project ideas. Labor Day weekend will be full of copper!