Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Showing Off a Few Things

I am really slow on giving my Christmas gifts. In fact, I STILL haven't given them all out. But I've given away at least three of my copper pieces, which I guess is enough to justify a post.

Just a few pics. Perhaps soon I'll post pics of my copper inlaid rocks. They turned out better than I expected. Up next on the workbench are two ideas for copper fountains. One as a gift, one as a combo moss and rock waterfall for me. I love that I have the best ideas; I hate how hard they are to implement. Anyway, here are some pics of presents I gave away this year.

One other thing I'm excited about - Duluth may be getting it's own hackerspace/art space. It sounds like just what I'd be looking for - a place to be noisy and play with fire. There are two big stumbling blocks, though...and it boils down to just one thing - money. First, the rent would be split among interested parties as a monthly fee. Rent at that space is $1250 a month. Unless there are 30+ people interested, there is NO way I can fit that into my budget. The other thing is...if I was able to afford space there, I'd still need to buy a workbench, and torch, and materials for the bigger projects I'd like to try. And that's also quite a bit of money. *sigh* I need the winning lottery ticket. But with the luck I've been having, if I got a ticket it would spontaneously combust and burn my fingers...