Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dangly Bits

Today, I superglued my fingers together while working on things. Yuck! I hate superglue!

At my place, if it's not one thing, it's another. Last weekend, the hallway outside my apartment began leaking torrential amounts of water. There was a waterfall all the way down the stairs, and all the other fun stuff that comes with lots of water going places. There have been huge fans in the hallway for the last week, drying things out. And the ceiling has been torn out. I guess what all this is leading up to, is, I am SO glad I have earplugs. Not only are they useful when I'm drilling copper, they are now allowing me to keep my sanity!

Haven't done much in the way of big projects recently. I did finish the Maui glass pendant and delivered it to my mother, who will give it to the person who will give it to the person it's for. I wasn't all that happy with it; the silver wire I bought left silver residue on the glass that I just COULDN'T get off! And it was WAY too soft and took toolmarks too easily. But perhaps that's just the perfectionist in me talking. I guess it got rave reviews when my mother dropped it off, and two other people are interesting in buying jewelry from me. Guess when the ice melts, I need to get out hunting more glass. Unless someone wants to buy me a trip to Maui! Anyway, here's a picture of the finished product. (I wanted it on a black silk cord, but the store was sold out. *sadface*)

With the success of that piece, I decided to try my hand at making one of a similar style, but that was purely Lake Superior. So I used a rock and a bit of glass from right here in Duluth, and putzed around a bit (this is where I happened to glue my fingers together). I kinda like how it turned out. And the copper wire behaves much more nicely than the silver wire! I heat-colored it...and I took before and after photos, so you can see how the blowtorch really helps the color. Here's the 'before' pic...

...and here's the after pic. I really need to get a piece of black velvet; I think it'll help the pieces really pop, in photos.

I did start the next big copper piece (the corner-huger is kinda on hiatus while I figure some things out). It's going to be another suncatcher, and I really like the shape. In fact, if it turns out well, it's going to be VERY hard for me not to keep it!

On the little branch that sticks out on the left, I'll add a bit of chain and a dangling piece of glass. I think this will work well; in fact, I want to find some heavier plastic sheet, so I can make it into a stencil. That way, if I want to make a few copies, they will be much easier to trace. Of course, this one will be a bitch to cut out!

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  1. I think that first necklace looks really nice on the white...I think the silver makes it go with the white really well!

    That copper looks amazing after you heat colored it!

    That suncatcher looks like it's going to be hard! You're very ambitious! I have full faith that you'll finish it in no time and that it'll turn out amazing though :)