Monday, November 9, 2009

I really suck at updating...

Well, a lack of updates means two things. I have been busy and not playing with art so much, and I've been uninspired to blog. This is a bit of both. :( I did finish the suncatcher, which I am pretty pleased with, for a first attempt. (There is a picture, but it's included as the very last thing, because it's...big.

My thoughts on it... I still need to figure out how to re-harden then copper after heating it. I think re-hammering it might work...but I'll have to test it out on the next piece. I also am a little annoyed at the quality of some of the chain I have, but I guess that's to be expected when buying things online. I still haven't gotten any of my playing chemicals - curse real life and real bills!

I have made a few necklaces, but I can't get them to photograph well at all. It's very frustrating. I may need to invest in one of those fake torso/neck stands. I think I saw some at Michael's last time I was there.

I've also been making camera straps. This has been just for my own use, but a couple people who have seen them have commented that I should sell them. That's always an idea - they are very pretty! If I do decide to sell them, I'll include a photo.

Not sure what project is next. Until then (and probably another month before I post) here's the first hangy-thing I made! It's already been gifted away - sorry!

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  1. That's really pretty :) I'm excited to see your necklaces...I bet they'll be great. I'll be anxiously awaiting the post with necklaces and camera straps!