Friday, August 28, 2009

Personal Accomplishment

I am STILL waiting on my Liver of Sulfur. This really annoys me, as it puts me at a standstill with the simple jewelry making. Most of the copper beads I bought are much too shiny and bright. And the liver of sulfur will give them that dark patina that I prefer. But it's not here yet! ARGH!

In the meantime, I tried something that makes me nervous. I started drilling my collection of beach glass. Why would this make me nervous? Well, several reasons. First of all, I really like beach glass, but it's hard to find around here. I haven't even gone out looking recently - though hopefully next weekend I can go out. Most of the shores of Lake Superior that are within easy distance of me are picked very clean by agate hunters. So, if I ruin a piece by drilling badly, even a bad piece, it's hard to replace. Second, these pieces are tiny, and I have to hold them down while drilling. So, I've got a rapidly spinning diamond bit drill just millimeters from my fingers. One slip, and I'll have tiny blood spatters everywhere. *laugh*

But, I've drilled three pieces now, with no mishaps. No flying pieces, broken glass, or bloody fingers. It takes longer than I'd expect - at least 15 minutes per piece, depending on how hard the glass is. But now I know I can do it!

Getting ever closer to finishing the first hanging thingy. I've decided I need heavier gauge copper, because once I heated the stuff I have, it got very bendy. Also, I need WAY more jump rings!

I'm heading down to the state fair this weekend. Perhaps I'll find inspiration! (If I get really bold, I could stop by the MN Renaissance Faire. I know they have a booth there that sells copper pieces colored like I want to learn how to do. I could ask for pointers...if I was brave!)

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